SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam 2019: last minute tips

The candidate for the exam should follow some tips and strategies that will increase their level of confidence and facilitate their last minute preparation, which may be better than ever.

The SSC team at Mentors academy  has come up with some time management tips that can help you be more precise with your preparations. Some tips are mentioned below:

More and more practice: If you want to pass the written exam of CGL Tier I Exam 2019, you must have a strict view of your watch. You can not let a second go to waste.

  • In general, there are 200 questions that must be resolved in 120 minutes, which makes the work really difficult. I would get less than a minute to solve a particular question. Therefore, you should start practicing today while keeping a clock by your side, counting the time you take to finish your practice sessions.
  • Some of the jobs, such as Reasoning and Numerical Capacity, require more time to be solved and, therefore, an appropriate adjustment must be made in the time given to these questions while practicing, so that you can do the same while giving the exam.

Place must be reached before 30 minutes:

  • It is very essential that candidates arrive at the exam site ahead of time. Try to arrive at the place 30 minutes before the time of the exam.
  • This will help you avoid all kinds of hassles and problems that may arise during transportation. It is recommended that the candidates who appear visit the exam center one day before the exam so that you can have an idea about the exact location of the exam center.
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 Document to carry :

  • Keep all the necessary documents: candidates must bear in mind that they must carry all the necessary documents at the time of the examination.

The voter card, the admission card, the pencil box are those items that you must take to the examination room. The Voter Card is an important document that will keep you away from all the problems that may arise regarding your identity.

 Take a quick look:

  • The candidate should take a quick look at the topics and questions that are given in the question document. Do not take a long time to get an overview of the question document.

This process will help you to have the time you need to solve each section of the question document.

 Proper time division:

  • Candidates must divide the time according to the level of difficulty of the questions. The allocation of time for each section is necessary.

This will help the candidates to manage the time of each section. The circumstances of the fall of time can be avoided. Even in some cases, time is handled well and there is still time to review the answer sheet.

  Review of the response:

  • After completing the question document and answering all known questions, you should review the answer sheet thoroughly.
  • Reviewing the answer sheet can help you get the wrong answers, if there are any. You can change it immediately, since the negative marking is applicable in the exam.
  • Try to avoid answering those questions you are not sure about.

All the best.