French Classes in Chandigarh

French Language Classes in Chandigarh

National Institute provides you personalised and interactive French Classes in Chandigarh to allow participants to get the required learning and become a good French speaker. The environment of the classroom is friendly which makes student ask the questions or doubts without any hesitation and fear. Experienced and affable faculty members support learner at every step of the learning keeping them highly motivated and confident.

French classes in Chandigarh
French Classes in Chandigarh

Why French Language?

Want to finally learn and speak a foreign language, but not able to find the one? Attending the French Language Course in Chandigarh from Foreign Classes Institute and learning this language is an even better idea than one though because it is gaining the great popularity these days. It enriches the mind and provides new opportunities. These 5 reasons make you know why to learn French over another foreign lingo.

  • Spoken by more than 200 million speakers on 5 continents
  • It is the international language and is used in different fields such as fashion, dance, architecture, etc.
  • Provide opportunities in the international job market
  • The official language in world level organization such as UNO, International Red Cross, European Union, UNESCO, WTO, and NATO.
  • Easier to learn

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Recognized as the leading and trusted French Language Institute in Chandigarh, our institute has extended the level of courses. The skilled and knowledgeable teachers who are experienced in fluently speaking French and teaching it to students are hired to provide learners the high level of foreign language and its cultural knowledge.

We provide classes at the most affordable fee so that every interested aspirant can make their dream to become Foreign language speaker a reality. The team of highly dedicated and motivated faculties delivers the best in air-conditioned and spacious classrooms. Convenient class timings are available for students to choose the most suitable one as per their needs.

The courses are –

At our Foreign Classes institute, we have designed 6 French Courses in Chandigarh to make learners come out with great fluency and effectiveness in French conversation.

A1 Level (Beginner)

It is the most basic and beginner level also known as discovery stage where language is used. A student can interact in a simple way and can easily tell about themselves and their immediate environment.

A2 Level (Elementary)

During this level, the linguistic competency of a user i.e. social actor is identified. A learner can converse in a simple way regarding the daily task requiring basic polite commonly used phrases and exchanges of information.

B1 Level (Intermediate)

A learner can easily understand and maintain the interaction and also share or present his/her opinion. He/she gains the ability to deal with every day arising situations.

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

After learning this course, a person is able to make arguments to protect his/her perspective, explain his/her outlook and discuss. A learner has a great level of confidence and fluency in his/her regular conversation. He/she gets the capability to correct his/her mistakes.

C1 Level (Advanced)

Student at this level gains the capability to interact spontaneously, confidently, and effectively. He/she has a large vocabulary and can identify the correct expression to explain their views. This level course provides the ability to create well-structured dialogue.

C2 Level (Proficiency )

This level course provides learner the capability to explain themselves with right appropriateness, accuracy, and fluency of expression. After learning this course, a person can use this French-speaking capability for advanced level purposes.

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