One is awesome, two is manageable but three’s a crowd. Why the reference? Because it plays a vital role in your studies during your Competitive classes. Most of the classrooms are filled to the brim but there are certain batches that don’t consist of many students or/and are bunked frequently. Now you may be thinking that less students means less fun, there’s also a possibility that the professor isn’t good enough, but over here we focus on why it’s a good thing to have a small batch of students. The pros outweigh the cons and you will understand why in the following pointers –

  • Less Students, much attention, so awesome

The primary benefit of fewer classmates is that all the attention is focused on you. The teachings are concentrated and you receive a blast of knowledge. This helps while preparing for examination as you can easily recall all of the teachings and spend lesser time on revision. Yes, I did just say less time for revision, isn’t that awesome? Now you do wish to have a small class right?

  • Inclined interaction with classmates

There’s a huge difference between a class of 50 and a class of 20 students. In a class of 50 all the other students are just another face in the crowd. But, in a small batch you’re more likely to develop lasting relationships with most of the students. Academic benefit is that a friend proficient in a subject can guide you through difficulties in that subject.

  • Less chaos

No matter how good a teacher is, if there are several students there is going to be chitter-chatter and disruption in your one year course. This means more focus on gossips rather than the valuable learnings passed on by the teacher resulting in lack of knowledge and low grades in the subject. Fewer students equals less chaos and more attentiveness.