Class attendance facilitates learning in a variety of ways. Lectures supplement reading assignments. Classroom presentations present information differently than the text. Discussion and elaboration of topics provides current information that may not be found in the textbook. Hearing the comments and questions of others can answer your questions. Instructors can use class discussion to enhance critical thinking skills. They can pose questions that require students to make connections between concepts and relate what they are learning to real life. The more students analyze and examine material, the better their retention will be. As you can see, attending class on a regular basis gives you much more than just credit for attendance.

1. Right Direction – Mentors Academy provide students correct guidance for competitive exams, entrance exams etc. At Mentors, the students not only get academic guidance but also they get to know about career options and right goals as per their interest and academic record. Mentors is really helpful in admissions and career guidance.

2. The personalization of studies – Student get individual attention at Mentors Academy and students are able to get proper guidance. However, the focus is on learning and development of students as per their requirement.

3. New learning styles and tips for getting a competitive advantage –Mentors develop different learning techniques for a different type of students that helps students in understanding their subjects well. Where in school, all students in the same class get to learn the concepts in the same pattern; here in Mentors the learning pattern can be developed after doing an analysis of how a student adapts the concepts. When a student gets to learn in their own specific way, their understanding and grip on subject develop quickly and hence, they show improved results.

4. The utilisation of extra time/Disciplines students’ daily routine –

The Mentors is much helpful in disciplining the students by helping in fixing their daily routine. Students generally, in their free time play games, watch movies or use social media applications which lead to wastage of their time. with Mentors , students can get enough time for refreshment as well as they can focus on their studies in the coaching classes.

5. Students get to cover up specific subjects – Mentors Academy help the students get to learn at their own pace and they can cover up each concept from the subjects . Doubt sessions are held at every week so that students can clear their queries with the faculty.