The Coaching Institute environment is:

  • a place where student’s opinions and needs are included
  • a place where peace and gender equity are upheld and differences of class, caste and religion are accepted
  • a place where opportunities for student’s participation are extended, both inside the institute class, and in the community
  • accessible to all, including those with learning disabilities, and those who are pregnant
  • safe and secure, free from violence and abuse, sale or trafficking
  • a place where student take responsibility for their learning
  • a place where healthy lifestyles and life skills are promoted
  • above all, a place where student learn

The institute resources

  • safe water and sanitation facilities, first aid supplies
  • age-appropriate furniture, and resources within reach

The Curriculum
The curriculum should contain at least:

– language
– mathematics
– science
– social studies
– literacy
– numeracy
– life skills
– human rights
– moral and spiritual values
– age-appropriate, student-centred, gender sensitive and linked to experience
– freedom of expression, creativity, association; play and recreation; free from physical and mental violence; linked to children’s rights with key learning outcomes


  • appropriate training in learning centred education so that children participate actively, individual differences are respected, and student’s well-being is promoted
  • opportunities to foster professional skills so that student can achieve desired learning outcomes
  • understanding and monitoring children’s right
  • educational materials, textbooks, writing tools, and learning resources are gender sensitive and encourage active learning in a language which student can understand
  • flexible schedules to accommodate out of institute responsibilities
  • offering a adequate instruction time for learning in key curriculum areas
  • offering a range of learning options
  • building education systems which support student’s learning as a first priority
  • focusing supervision on teacher improvement rather than covering the curriculum

In the Community

  • viewing home and community as sources for student’s learning
  • involving parents in coaching management and learning activities
  • providing parents with freedom of access to information about students’s learning so that they can put into practice at home what is learned in institute